Commercial Contract Review

We can provide a high level review of the key commercial and legal issues of most business contracts.

The outcome of our review is:

  • Identify the key issues in headline form, usually in the form of a list of bullet points. It is not intended to be chapter and verse on the intricacies of the law.
  • Determine whether to walk away from the contract, accept the contract and take a chance on the risks, or commence a round of negotiations and drafting amendments.

Why should you use a solicitor to review a contract?

In simple terms a contract is any agreement which is recognised or enforced in a court of law.

There are, however, a number of qualifications to this definition.

  • First, courts do not generally intervene in the private deals struck by business men, irrespective of their bargaining power, unless there are really strong grounds such as duress, undue influence, illegality, or in a consumer context, “unfairness”.
  • Secondly, whether or not courts will find that an agreement has been breached can be less about what you may have intended, and more about whether the courts think a “reasonable man”, a layman would think about what you intended.
    The courts reach their decision (invariably, a single judge) based on evidence presented to them by the contracting parties and witnesses, who can make mistakes and have very different opinions.

Accordingly, if you are unsure about a contract it is not recommended to leave open your rights and obligations. Our solicitor contract review service will clarify the terms of contract.

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